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    This is all the training you'll need. No hassles, no regulations and no degree needed.

  • Charge $250 or More

    The normal bill rates for hoarding and biohazard remediation range from $60 to $250 (or more) per hour!

  • Work from Home

    Start this business with very little money and work from a home office if you choose.

3 Minutes of Your Time!

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Course Curriculum

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    1. How to use this course

    2. A message from CEO Brandon Stone

    1. Classroom Lesson 1 - Introduction to Biohazard Remediation

    2. Classroom Lesson 2 - Regulations

    3. Classroom Lesson 3 - Safe Practices

    4. QUIZ 1 - Test Your Knowledge

    5. Classroom Lesson 4 - Terminology

    6. Classroom Lesson 5 - Tools of the Trade

    7. Classroom Lesson 6 - Scene Assessment

    8. Classroom Lesson 7 - Working the Scene

    9. Classroom Lesson 8 - Understanding Surfaces

    10. Classroom Lesson 9 - Before & After

    11. Classroom Lesson 10 - Job Completion

    12. QUIZ 2 - Test Your Knowledge

    13. Classroom Lesson Manual 1 (Download)

    14. Classroom Lesson Manual 2 (Download)

    1. OSHA Hand & Power Tools

    2. QUIZ - Hand & Power Tools

    3. OSHA Hazard Communication Safety

    4. QUIZ - Hazard Communication Safety

    5. OSHA Personal Protective Equipment

    6. QUIZ - Personal Protective Equipment

    1. Hands On 1 - Enter & Assess a Scene

    2. Hands On 2 - Tips on Bidding a Job

    3. Hands On 3 - How to Deal with Nosy Neighbors

    4. Hands On 4 - Don & Wear PPE

    5. Hands On 6 - Mix & Apply Disinfectant

    6. Hands On 7 - Build Your Box

    7. Hands On 8 - Clean Tech & Dirty Tech

    8. Hands On 9 - Disposal & Cross Contamination

    9. Hands On 10 - Clean & Dismantle Couch (Part 1)

    10. Hands On 10 - Clean & Dismantle Couch (Part 2)

    11. Hands On 10 - Clean & Dismantle Couch (Part 3)

    12. Hands On 11 - Clean & Dismantle a Recliner

    13. Hands On 12 - Clean & Dismantle Furniture

    14. Hands On 13 - Clean & Remove Flooring (Part 1)

    15. Hands On 13 - Clean & Remove Flooring (Part 2)

    16. Hands On 14 - Clean Ceiling & Walls

    17. Hands On 15 - Dismantle Mattress & Box Spring

    1. Business Lesson 1 - Create Your Business

    2. Business Lesson 2 - Your Online Presence

    3. Business Lesson 3 - Accounting, Insurance & Legal

    4. Business Lesson 4 - Office Space & Equipment

    5. Business Lesson 5 - Contracts & Forms

    6. Business Lesson 6 - Proposals & Invoicing

    7. Business Lesson 7 - Payments & Collections

    8. Business Lesson 8 - Target Market

    9. Business Lesson 9 - Reach Your Market

    10. QUIZ - 50 Question Final Exam

    1. Hoarding - Working with Clients

    2. Hoarding - Bidding the Job

    3. Hoarding - Preparing for the Job

    4. Hoarding - Dumpster Rental

    5. Hoarding - Arriving at the Scene

    6. Hoarding - Cleaning the Scene

    7. Hoarding - Finishing the Job

About this Course

  • $395.00
  • 86 lessons
  • Access to member's only group
  • In training discussion groups
  • Certificate of completion

A Quick Overview of Our Biohazard Remediation Training Program

Training Course Details

Perfect for new or existing business owners who need training NOW!

  • Training Content

    This package offers all our training content (videos, course documentation, educational material, forms, etc.) in a format that provides for a rapid learning experience. With nearly 15 hours of video training, quizzes, handouts and more, you'll have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. Access to this training material is valid for two years. And don't worry - the TESTS ARE EASY and you can retake them as many times as you need to.

  • Time Frame

    This package is probably best suited for existing business owners who do not feel the need for the support offered through our business bundle package. With immediate and full access to all of our training videos and materials, your business could be up and running in a matter of weeks. This of course would be largely dictated by your level of motivation and time commitment.

  • Training Support

    All members receive access to a member's only Facebook group where they can seek help and assistance from other members. Also included in this package is 60 days of limited phone support. Phone support to our instructors and technicians is available Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. In addition, full access to all of our videos and training materials is good for two years. Due to the low price of this training package, only limited business support is offered. For a complete and unprecedented level of support, we recommend that you also subscribe to our $95 a month business bundle.

Certificates of Completion

Crime Scene Cleanup Training Certificate
OSHA Training Certificate

Not interested in online training? Learn more about our onsite training course in Indianapolis, Indiana

Five-day classroom and hands-on Crime Scene Cleanup Training Program

Why Should I Choose This Plan?

If you need immediate access to all our biohazard remediation (crime scene cleanup) training videos, this will be the best $695 you could spend. This is one of the most competitively priced crime scene cleanup courses on the market. Through this online course, you'll receive the same training curriculum that we charge $1,500 for at our training center. In addition to instruction in crime & trauma scene remediation, you'll also receive hours of instruction in hoarding and extreme cleaning jobs. This course comes complete with business, classroom and hands-on sections.

Crime Scene Cleanup Training Package Includes

Hours of training and business tips to help you start your new biohazard remediation business

  • Instant access to all of our training videos, learning materials, tests, downloads, updates and more

  • Discussion groups to interact with other students during the course. A perfect way to get answers to questions or topics

  • Access to a members only Facebook group for collaboration, discussions, business help, and more

  • 60 days of limited phone support with our trainers and technicians

  • All instruction and learning videos include captions for the hearing impaired

Should I Purchase Both Packages?

It makes perfect sense to purchase both our training package and business bundle! If you purchase our $695 Biohazard Remediation Training Package and pay $95 per month for our Biohazard Remediation Business Bundle for one year, your total cost to learn practically everything about your new business will be $1,835 over the course of a year. This breaks down to only $153 per month! This would probably be a wise business investment and the cost can be deducted as a legitimate business expense!